Looms and woolpickers

Spirecrafts Mini 8 shaft Table Loom


Pre-assembled in collapsed state for postage – takes 10 minutes to be ready to warp

Made of lightweight FSC Beech plywood – weighs approximately 4.5kg

Collapsible with the removal of 8 bolts and wingnuts

8 shafts with 25 Texsolv heddles on each shaft

Glimakra 30cm wide, 12cm high 10epi reed (40/10) – reed can be removed from housing with the removal of 6 screws.

Built in raddle with 2 dpi

Numbered shaft levers

Toggles for easy adjustment of the shaft height

Guideline for shaft height

Dimensions when collapsed – approximately 60cm x 47cm x 17cm

Dimensions when erected for weaving – approximately 60cm x 47cm x 54cm

Comes with 2 shuttles, a clamp and heddle hook and picture instructions on how to use the 8 wingnuts to assemble

The looms will be available to purchase via my Etsy shop at a cost of £475 with free UK delivery. Delivery at the moment is only within the UK. Currently these looms will be made in small quantities and further looms will be added to the Etsy shop when they are ready for dispatch over the coming weeks. Click here to go to the Etsy listing.

Table top woolpickers

I weave with predominantly natural fibres. I will often clean and process sheep and alpaca fleeces before woolpicking, spinning and weaving.

I make and sell woolpickers. The woolpicker is used to rough card fleece to loosen up the fibres prior to carding or combing. The use of the woolpicker makes the carding and combing process much quicker and easier. Some people spin straight from picked wool.

Each woolpicker is supplied with an information sheet on how best to use your woolpicker.

Dimensions 42cm long by 12.5cm wide by 12cm tall.

Woolpickers are available to purchase in my Etsy shop and are sold within the UK and overseas.

UK based customers – cost is £100 including free delivery – Click here to go to the Etsy listing.

Outside the UK – cost is £130 including free delivery – Click here to go to the Etsy listing.